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* For best results we recommend a series of treatments. A package can be customized to the clients desired results. *

 ENDERMOLOGIE- $85 per session

Endermologie is the only treatment to target and treat trapped fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Sometimes, this trapped fat has a dimpling effect that is referred to as cellulite. Endermologie is the only treatment that contours the body and tightens and smooths the skin. Endermologie is the missing link to the physical aesthetic.The cellulite smoothing affects are a result of the massaging of the affected areas, and the increase in body circulation. The fat cells are broken down and removed by the body process.

Lipomassage- $50 per session 

Lipomassage is a unique, non-invasive way of shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving overall skin fitness. Cleint contracts thier muscle to isolate it while we use the "Roll in" Technique to target stubborn areas.

 INFRARED SAUNA- $35 per session.             One month membership $150

When you are sitting in a traditional sauna, you are sitting in a hot room; 180-220 degrees. In your Infrared Sauna only about 20% of the heat goes to heat the air and the other 80% directly heats your body. The warming effect on your body stimulates your cardiovascular system, your immune system and your lymphatic system. Your bodies response to that is to sweat.

When you first get into your sauna you will start to perspire right away because of the room temperature. After about 10-15 minutes you will start sweating profusely as your body responds to the far infrared heat. You will actually sweat more in an infrared sauna than in a traditional rock sauna. Studies show that sweat from a traditional sauna contains about 3% toxins where sweat from your far infrared sauna contains about 17% toxins. The detoxifying and deep penetrating heat from a Infrared Sauna makes them very, very effective.

      BEFORE AND AFTER                                                                             INFRARED SAUNA THERAPY